Out of NATA

2015-07-27 03:53:38 by Britbau

And that's ok! Honestly, this was the best round for me to lose, I have some real life stuff in the way that would have made this round difficult to do anyways.

I have some animation carreer stuff to do, but intend to use my free time to work on a pet project of mine, hopefully it'll be good.

More info soon!

NATA Novice round

2015-07-17 04:09:30 by Britbau

I removed my entry from newgrounds, but it is on the NATA site if you really must view it.


2015-06-26 20:10:21 by Britbau

Not anymore.

Got front page!

2015-06-25 20:54:45 by Britbau

I am honored, thank you!

NATA round 1!!!

2015-06-23 03:07:28 by Britbau

Hey guys, I made it into the first round of NATA! In just 4-5 short days I went from having nothing on this site to over 300 views and a positive score on my first submitted animation, as well as a chunk of new followers. I am honored to have such a positive reception and hope the work I do for the upcoming round is even better than the last.

Thanks all.

Submitting to NATA 2015

2015-06-18 19:54:44 by Britbau

Hope yall enjoyyyy.


2014-03-06 19:54:06 by Britbau



2012-12-26 15:11:28 by Britbau

Hi, my name is Brit. I am an animation student and I like to write stories. I also dabble in music making (mostly for my own entertainment). I plan to release some content in the relatively near future!

Until then uh. Hi.